A Message to Arrogant and Self-Righteous Liberals Everywhere

Here is a message and a reminder to all of those arrogant, self-righteous liberals (mostly the ones who think the world revolves around L.A., New York and D.C.) who feel like it is open-season on President Trump, who want to invalidate and overturn his presidency, and feel that anyone who doesn’t agree with them is an ignorant hillbilly.

President Trump won 30 states to Hillary’s 20.

President Trump won 304 electoral votes to Hillary’s 227.

President Trump’s support basically dominated the country. (Please refer to the county by county map which is shown.)

President Trump won the four perennial swing states of Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, and Iowa.

President Trump won the three “blue wall” stronghold states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, which had not been won by a Republican presidential candidate since the 1980s!

President Trump won the election by a wide margin despite…:

Hillary outspending President Trump by more than 2 to 1.

Hillary’s overwhelming advantage of biased, liberal “entertainment mouthpieces.”

Hillary’s overwhelming advantage of the biased mainstream media.

Hillary’s campaign being fed debate questions (and who knows what else) by that same biased mainstream media.

Hillary getting support and information (some would say illegally) from the Obama administration, the FBI, and other intelligence agencies.

And finally, to all of those arrogant and self-righteous liberals who believe supporters of President Trump are either uneducated, ignorant or uninformed; we are none of those things. And remember, having gone to college doesn’t mean you’re smarter, it just means you went to college.

Even though these people do not like the outcome of the election, they need to respect the outcome of the election and accept that Mr. Trump is our President until 2020, at least. They would also be wise to recognize President Trump’s supporters as well. Based on the numbers, there are an awful lot of us out here in the land between L.A. and New York (all of the “red” on the map).

map 2016_Presidential_Election_by_County_svg

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