What happens when the investigators need to be investigated?

After more than a year of lying, denials, pleading the fifth, and downright ignoring Congress’ subpoenas for information, Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and even the FBI, now stand exposed as the funders of that fraudulent dossier which alleged years of collusion between the Kremlin and Donald Trump.

All of this raises many disturbing questions, plus the realization that if anyone colluded with Moscow, it was Hillary and her hit squad.

The Washington Post reported that Clinton and the DNC paid millions to an international law firm, Perkins Coie, which in turn hired Fusion GPS (which is basically an arm of the democrat party, that is used to “research and investigate” its clients’ “opposition”) to “investigate” Trump. (I personally believe they hired them to produce a piece of fiction that met their narrative as a means of justification for Obama’s administration to “spy” on the Trump campaign.)

Fusion GPS then hired Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence officer who compiled the 35-page dossier containing information he claimed came from Russian government and intelligence officials.

Fusion GPS has been stonewalling Congress’ efforts to get to the bottom of this, with company officials taking the Fifth Amendment.

The FBI has also been resisting congressional subpoenas as well for information on its role in the whole matter. (Note: FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe just recently decided to retire early after finally making himself available to Congressional questioning.  I have a feeling he won’t be the last to decide that early retirement is a good option.)

What we had here was a coordinated anti-Trump effort that was contracted and paid for by President Trump’s opponents (This, incredibly enough, included the FBI, and their illegal wiretapping of President Trump and his campaign, which, by the way, “the swamp” collectively laughed at when President Trump made his “wiretapping” claims.)

So now we see that we have the actual Russian colluders (Hillary’s hit squad, which now includes democrat members of Congress and the biased mainstream media, in effect “the swamp”) accusing President Trump of collusion and instigating the whole Trump “collusion” probe.

They say that, “truth is stranger than fiction.” It doesn’t get much sleazier or stranger than this.

Who do we get to investigate the investigators?

My vote goes to Trey Gowdy, a Republican Congressman from South Carolina.  He is a former federal prosecutor, and his nickname is “the bulldog.”

Let’s set him up as a special prosecutor, like Robert Mueller is now, and let him go nuts. Now that is something I would pay to see!

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