The biased mainstream media strikes again!


Who of us hasn’t recently heard quotes like these from the typical cast of characters in the biased mainstream media, like CNN, Newsweek, NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, among others?

“According to recent polls, President Trump is the least popular president ever!”

“President Trumps’ approval ratings are historically low!”

“No other president has had approval ratings this low after only his first year in office!”

It’s funny, because I don’t remember hearing anything like this after President Obama’s first year in office. The truth is Barack Obama and President Trump have at least one thing in common: identical approval and disapproval ratings in one national poll (the most unbiased national poll) after their first year in office.

Rasmussen Reports’ latest poll (12/28/17) showed that President Trump has a 46% approval rating compared to a 53% disapproval figure, which were near the same percentages Obama received at the end of 2009, his first year in office.

Indeed, Obama polled at 46% approval and 54% disapproval in Rasmussen’s December 31, 2009, results, according to its historical index of the 44th president’s ratings.

Once again we find that the biased mainstream media’s “reporting” is based more on wishful thinking than the actual facts.

Once again we find that the biased mainstream media is pushing a propagandist narrative for the liberal democrats, better known as FAKE NEWS.

Buckle your seatbelts ladies and gentlemen, because it is only going to get worse.

Thank God for Fox News and social media. With them President Trump and “We the People” at least have a fighting chance against “the swamp.”



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