This Apple is full of worms!

Shame on you Apple! First, shame on you for what you did, then shame on you for your lame apology, lame explanation, and for treating us all like idiots.

Apple admitted that, “…we (Apple) sometimes reduced processor speeds on iPhones with aging batteries as a way to balance performance and battery life,” and that they could have been, “… more transparent with our customers regarding how exactly iOS manages battery and performance.”

(Translation: Sales of new phones started to lag and upper management came up with this bright idea to “nudge” customers into upgrading their phones to the latest version, but we got busted, and we should have been smarter about how we did this.)

Apple says, “We have never, and would never, do anything to intentionally shorten the life of any Apple product, or degrade the user experience to drive customer upgrades.”

Ohhhh nooooo, of course they wouldn’t do that! How dare we even think that! You just “degraded our user experience” because that’s what was best for us?!

Who does Apple think they are? Barack Obama? Hillary Clinton? The IRS? You can’t get away with lying straight to all of our faces just because that was the only option you had. You obviously could not admit what you were doing, so the only option was to bs us and deny any wrong doing.

Apple says it is going to release an iOS update early next year that’ll give users more info on the health of their iPhone’s battery so they can see if its condition is affecting phone performance.

Uh, hello Apple, we’re not idiots. We know what batteries do. We understand that things don’t run as well when our batteries are low and that they don’t run at all when our batteries are dead.

I might be mistaken, but won’t running your battery monitoring program actually suck more life out of our battery?

If Apple wasn’t doing anything wrong, why would they feel the need to create the reduced price battery replacement program?

We may learn more about this situation after the lawsuit Apple was hit with moves through the courts, but then again we may not. Money has a way of being able to cloud the truth.

Look for a settlement and more lame explanations.

Hey, it’s the American way.


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