Oh what a tangled, and radioactive, web they weave!

Please remember that the parties involved in these money grabbing schemes try to make things as complicated and as convoluted as they possibly can. It is all designed to afford them “plausible deniability,” “plausible ineptitude,” and “claims of implausible complexity and conspiracy.”

I’ll do my best at trying to make this all as understandable as possible. Here we go!

During Obama’s time in the White House, and while Hillary was still the Secretary of State, Russia had been plotting, and successfully so, to secure U.S. government approval for its acquisition of a Canadian company named Uranium One (which has operations in Australia, Canada, Kazakhstan, South Africa and the United States), and with it, tens of billions of dollars in U.S. uranium reserves.

The Clintons were monetarily taking advantage of their political influence, as usual, and the Obama administration (a relative rookie in this arena, compared to the Clintons) was knowingly compromising American national-security interests. The administration approved the transfer of control of over one-fifth of American uranium-mining capacity to Russia, and specifically to Russia’s state-controlled nuclear-energy conglomerate, Rosatom.

Why would they do this? What was in it for the U.S.?  Our government is supposed to be representing “We the People,” not their own self interests.

Making matters worse, at the time the administration approved the transfer, it knew that Rosatom’s American subsidiary (Tenam, USA) was engaged in a very profitable racketeering scheme that had already committed felony extortion, fraud, and money-laundering offenses. All well-documented by our wonderful FBI, then headed by Robert Mueller by the way. And now Mueller is looking into collusion with the Russians?  Do you own a mirror Mr. Mueller?

The Obama administration also knew that congressional Republicans were trying to stop the transfer. (What about the democrats? Whose side are they on anyway?)  As a result, the Obama Justice Department concealed what it knew. The Obama Department of Justice allowed the racketeering enterprise to continue, compromising the American uranium industry rather than commencing a prosecution that would have halted the transfer. DOJ prosecutors then waited four years, which enabled them to plead down the case, which was a violation of Justice Department charging guidelines by the way, thus letting their partners in crime basically off the hook.  In the meantime, the administration refused to cooperate with Congress, and reportedly threatened an informant who wanted to go public right in the middle of Hillary’s presidential run.

When President Obama came into power, the Russian official in charge of Tenam USA was Vadim Mikerin. Mikerin was responsible for arranging and managing Rosatom’s contracts with American uranium purchasers. This gave him tremendous leverage over the U.S. companies. To further the Kremlin’s push for nuclear-energy expansion, he had been seeking to retain a lobbyist, from whom he planned to extort kickbacks, just as he did with the U.S. energy companies. With the help of an associate connected to Russian organized-crime groups, Mikerin found his lobbyist. The man’s name has not been disclosed, but he contacted the FBI, after he began to be concerned about the lawfulness of his involvement, and revealed what he knew. From then on, the FBI and Obama’s Justice Department permitted him to participate in the Russian racketeering scheme as a “confidential source,” and he is thus known as “CS-1” in affidavits the government, years later, presented to federal court in order to obtain search and arrest warrants. There, the U.S. attorney was Obama appointee Rod Rosenstein, now President Trump’s deputy attorney general! And he is the man who appointed Mueller as special counsel to investigate Trump!

You can’t make this stuff up!

It must be hard investigating President Trump while tripping over piles of evidence against themselves and all of their crooked “friends!”

In 2005, former President Clinton helped his Canadian billionaire friend and benefactor, Frank Giustra, obtain coveted uranium-mining rights from Kazakhstan’s dictator. The Kazakh deal enabled Giustra’s company (Ur-Asia Energy) to merge into Uranium One (a South African company), a $3.5 billion windfall. Giustra and his partners thereafter contributed tens of millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation. (Hmmm, now why would they do that?!) Besides the valuable Kazakh reserves, Uranium One also controlled about a fifth of the uranium stock in the United States.

(Note: The United States gets a fifth of its electrical power from nuclear energy, but only produces a fifth of the uranium it needs.)

Furthermore, the Obama administration, which included Hillary, massaged deals involving their donors’ interests in Uranium One, made sure this whole scandal never saw the light of day, which would have jeopardized Hillary’s presidential run, and protected their friend, Mr. Vadim Mikerin, from a serious amount jail time. This is why Mikerin took the plea deal and waived his right to appeal, sparing the Obama administration a full public airing of the facts.

Coincidentally, the Obama DOJ’s Fraud Section was then run by Andrew Weissmann, who is now one of the top prosecutors in Robert Mueller’s ongoing special-counsel investigation of Trump’s supposed collusion with Russia!

Again, you can’t make this stuff up!

I’m sure that Mueller and his team must sit around and laugh from time to time at the utter hypocrisy, irony and the travesty of their so-called “investigation.”

Just remember, if Donald Trump had not won the election, none of us would have ever known anything about any of this stuff, and The Clinton Foundation would still be going strong. Hillary losing the election was definitely not part of the plan.

Hopefully this is all a little clearer for you. At least as clear as mud!

Thank you to Andrew C. McCarthy for contributing portions of the information referred to in this editorial.

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