“Mueller’s investigation will be remembered as the most illegitimate and wasteful witch hunt in the history of our country.” – Mr. Erickson

First, Robert Mueller was appointed as Special Counsel based on the false narrative created by the bogus Hillary Clinton and DNC generated dossier.  Now that we know the dossier is phony, shouldn’t they back off of this ill-conceived investigation?

Second, Robert Mueller was the Director of the FBI, under Barack Obama, until 2013.  Knowing what we know now about the biased and political culture that exists at the FBI, based on texts and emails discovered since his appointment, shouldn’t he be removed from his position or the investigation terminated altogether?

It seems that President Trump, the Republicans, and more so Attorney General Jeff Sessions, are hesitant to call for and appoint their own special counsel to look into former President Obama, his administration, the FBI (all for FISA Court abuses, spying on opposing political candidates, and tampering with legal processes for political gain), Hillary Clinton and her Clinton Foundation (for obstructing justice, soliciting and accepting contributions, foreign and domestic, for political considerations), as well as the Democrat National Committee. (When the FBI subpoenaed the DNC to allow them to analyze their server, the DNC denied their request, and the FBI just backed off. That’s funny isn’t it? Isn’t ignoring a subpoena a criminal offense? We have now come to learn that these laws only apply to conservatives and “We the People,” not “swamp” dwellers.)

I’m not sure if the President, the Republicans, and the Attorney General feel it would be a bad precedent to set, for the winning campaign to go after the losing campaign and/or the prior administration, but in this case, I feel they should get over that feeling and at least expose “the swamp” for what it is.  One good special counsel deserves another!

The Democrats won’t be taking off their gloves anytime soon. It’s time the Republicans put their gloves on and get in the fight.


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