Remember…, the last word in Democrat is “rat.”

The Democrat base consists of illegal immigrants (I put them first because it seems these are the people that the Democrats are concerned about the most), people who don’t know what bathroom to go into, people who have come to this country to get away from problems in their country but now want to change the USA into the country they came from for some reason, Hollywood and other entertainment celebrities, confused and misguided college students (along with their professors, etc.), public employee unions, federal employees who are members of the “deep state,” people who think the answer to every problem is “racism,” radical environmental groups, women who feel that being able to have an abortion is the most important issue out there, climate wackos, people who choose to live off of the government (who haven’t contributed anything to begin with), socialists, closet socialists, communists, wealthy elites who want communism but who masquerade as progressive liberals (The Clintons, Soros, Obama, Schumer, Pelosi, etc.), wealthy elites who think they’re part of the before mentioned group but really aren’t (only their money is), people who prefer to blame anybody but themselves for whatever their deal is, low income people that don’t understand that the Democrats like them that way and strive to have more people dependent on them, and the generally uninformed.

If you’re a Democrat and you don’t fit into any of my groups here, I apologize, and I wish you a speedy recovery.

If you are a Democrat and you are in one of these groups, you have my sympathy. You should take a look around you and recognize who your bedfellows are. You should also ask yourself why you are supporting and defending the Democrats. If it isn’t for a purely selfish reason, I would challenge you to articulate your reason. Please give me your feedback on this website.

This is a pretty impressive group to try and maintain some sort of cohesiveness with, however.

The Democrats have chosen the hatred of President Trump as the glue to hold their motley crew together.

A motley crew that I’d love to see jumping from a sinking ship.


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