These unexplained mysteries of the JFK Assassination still remain today!

Over 76% of Americans believe that the public will never find out the whole truth behind the John F. Kennedy’s assassination, and that the resulting investigation was either badly mishandled or intentionally sabotaged.

I’m in that 76%.

Keep in mind that we are talking about the assassination of an American President, the government’s handling of that event, and the associated investigation.

Here are some of the many unresolved mysteries surrounding the JFK Assassination that haven’t been adequately explained to this day:

1 . What happened to Mary Moorman’s missing fifth photo in Dealey Plaza? Moorman is known for her famous Polaroid photo that captures the JFK assassination at nearly the precise instant the head shot occurred. What is less well-known, though, is that Moorman took other photos that day. One photo she took moments before the assassination reportedly depicted the sixth-floor window of the Texas School Book Depository. The photo was reportedly turned over to Secret Service agents shortly after the assassination and vanished from sight. It has never been published and it remains missing to this day.

2. Why was Oswald’s handwritten note to FBI agent James Hosty destroyed? Oswald wrote a note to Hosty a week or two before the assassination. Within hours of Oswald’s death on Nov. 24, 1963, the note was torn up and flushed down the toilet by Hosty. Hosty had claimed his superior had ordered him to destroy the note, however, this was denied and Hosty was never prompted to share what was in the note. Why would that be and how could that be?

3. Did Joseph Milteer have knowledge of the assassination beforehand? 13 days before the assassination, right-wing extremist Milteer gave tape-recorded comments to a Miami police informant that eerily predicted key details of the JFK assassination. Milteer claimed that a conspiracy to kill Kennedy was in the works and described a scenario in which the president would be shot “from an office building with a high-powered rifle.” Milteer also predicted that, in the aftermath of the assassination, the police would arrest a patsy “to throw the public off.”

4. The Mysterious Autopsy. After the shooting, Kennedy was rushed to Parkland Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. According to Texas state law, the President’s body was not allowed to be taken from the hospital until after an autopsy had been entirely performed. However, the Secret Service chose to ignore this, taking the body straight to the airport and securing it on board Air Force One.

According to a doctor at Parkland, this led to a heated confrontation between Secret Service agents and the Dallas Chief of Forensic Pathology, Earl Rose, during which the agents displayed their guns menacingly. Dr. Rose and others forced against a wall while the body was taken away.

The body was flown to Maryland’s Bethesda Naval Hospital, where an autopsy was finally carried out.

Why would the Secret Service, of all organizations, refuse to let the Parkland Memorial Hospital’s professional surgeons perform the autopsy? Who ordered them to “grab the President and run, and to not let anybody stand in their way?”

5. How was Jack Ruby able to get close enough to Lee Harvey Oswald, with a gun, to shoot him at point blank range in a Dallas police station? Why did they feel they had to transfer him in the first place? Don’t you think security would have been better than that? The silencing of Oswald would be a key component to perpetuating some of these questionable theories relating to the assassination.

6. Eventually, an autopsy was conducted at Bethesda Naval Hospital, back in Washington, where neither of the two surgeons in charge had much experience with autopsies at all. These two were later joined by another doctor who hadn’t done one himself in two years either. Does this seem to you how an assassinated president would be autopsied? Me either!

7. One of the strangest mysteries surrounding this dark event actually took place after the president’s autopsy. In 1978 a special government organization published findings that stated that the deceased president’s brain had vanished. What!?

Yes, apparently, the remaining part of his brain was surgically removed during his autopsy.

The brain remains were put into a metal box and stashed in the White House by the Secret Service. Again, what!? They remained there until 1965 when a report showed that Robert, the president’s brother, had the brain put into the national archives, nobody knows why he chose to do this.

During a routine archive check twelve months later it was discovered that the Kennedy brain had indeed gone missing. Many archive workers were interrogated but not one of them had any sort of information. Of course they didn’t.

8. Among the many JFK assassination controversies, none is more controversial than the “Single Bullet Theory.” The Single Bullet Theory proposed that a single, nearly whole bullet, that was later recovered, had caused all seven of the non-fatal wounds sustained by President Kennedy and Governor Connelly. But the bullet that was recovered had one strikingly peculiar feature: it had survived all the damage it had apparently caused virtually unscathed itself. The shell’s near-pristine appearance, which prompted some to call it the “magic bullet,” left many skeptics wondering whether the bullet in evidence had really done what the Commission had said it had done. Additional skepticism was generated by the fact the bullet was not found in or around either victim. It was found instead on a stretcher at the hospital where the victims were treated.

That a bullet, supposedly fired from Oswald’s weapon and later identified by hospital witnesses, had immediately turned up on a stretcher in the hospital where the victims were treated struck some as perhaps a little too convenient.  Suspicions it had been planted followed.

9. There were 38 “strange” and “convenient” deaths, of people with knowledge, surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, within two years of the assassination, and 103 overall, spanning into the early eighties.

10. A recent release of documents was made to satisfy a 25-year deadline set forward by the Oct. 25, 1992, enactment of the JFK Assassination Records Collection Act. However, many of the files were held back from release by after the CIA and FBI asked for more time to redact information that could cause “potentially irreversible harm.” That sure sounds familiar doesn’t it. The question is, “could cause harm to who?”

If you weren’t in that 76% that I mentioned earlier, you should be now!


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  1. Always intriguing. They say he was done away by the Military industrial Complex. Eisenhower in his farewell speech had warned about the Military Industrial complex getting out of hand.


    1. I agree. We can see how dangerous “the deep state” can be. I personally believe that Johnson was in on it up to his eyeballs. He despised the Kennedys. JFK only really used him to win Texas, then basically ignored him in office.


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