The FBI Was Spying on the Trump Campaign, and using an actual Spy!

What the hell did the Obama administration allow to go on during the 2016 Presidential campaign?! And why isn’t the media all over this 24/7?!

It’s because we’re talking about the BIASED mainstream media here, lest you forget.

Harken back to an article I posted on January 2, 2018; “What happens when the investigators need to be investigated?”

It’s a serious, and an honest, question that our government does not seem to have an answer for…, at least so far.

When President Trump tweeted in March of 2017 that the Obama administration “had his wires tapped” during the 2016 presidential campaign, the biased mainstream media laughed at him, and laughed-off the story.

Well…, earlier this week the New York Times published a story revealing the FBI was not only spying on the Trump campaign, but had at least one FBI informant embedded within it! (Please note that this story was not published because they performed any actual investigative journalism, but because someone at the FBI fed it to them for their own purposes.) The story went on to say that the FBI didn’t have enough evidence to open a criminal investigation into members of the Trump campaign, or obtain subpoenas, so a “counterintelligence investigation” was launched instead.

A “counterintelligence investigation” is basically a way for the FBI to do whatever it wants, for any reason.

Two former FBI officials said, they were concerned that anything the FBI did publicly, “would only give fodder to Mr. Trump’s claims on the campaign trail that the election was rigged.”

Oh. They were trying hard to “rig” it alright, but not for Trump!

The FBI obtained phone records and other documents using national security letters (which are a secret type of subpoena… to go along with their “secret type” of investigation no doubt!) officials said.

The Washington Post published a similar story.

These stories are coming out just ahead of the expected release of a Department of Justice Inspector General report about how the FBI handled the criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information on her personal email server. Hmmm.

Some of those who have been following this shady FBI saga had some other thoughts to add:

In self-serving desire to get a sympathetic story about its actions, DOJ/FBI leakers are willing to provide yet more details about that “top secret” source (namely, that spying was aimed at Page/Papadopoulos)–making all more likely/certain source will be outed. That’s on them

— Kimberley Strassel (@KimStrassel) May 17, 2018


It’s not just that DOJ would push this narrative but that reporters would be so unintelligent in carrying that water for them…

— Mollie (@MZHemingway) May 18, 2018


The only people sharing sensitive details about the source with reporters are DOJ and intel officials. It’s like watching the boy who cried wolf demand to know how people came to believe a wolf was nearby.

— Sean Davis (@seanmdav) May 18, 2018


Stay tuned as we find out more about all of these “special,” double top secret, FBI and DOJ investigative meanderings!

Thank you to Townhall and Katie Pavlich for some input into this story.

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