I spy some Democrats who want their cake and to eat it too…, but I think they’ll find it won’t go down very well.

So what am I talking about here?

I’m talking about the Democrats’ defense of the Trump campaign being spied on by the Obama administration’s DOJ and FBI.

At first, all of the “swamp monsters” denied that spying ever took place. Then when it was proven spying did occur, their message quickly evolved into one of dismissal.

Next, I have noticed that “the swamp” was quick to change the word choice from “spy,” or “mole,” to “informant.”

I’m sure because an “informant” appears less nefarious.

In either case, regarding this “informant/spy/mole:”

I’ve heard democrats and liberal talking heads say, “There is nothing to be concerned about here.”

I’ve heard democrats and liberal talking heads say, “The FBI was completely within the scope of their investigation.”

I’ve heard democrats and liberal talking heads say, “This was completely within the framework typically utilized in this type of operation.”

I’ve even heard democrats and liberal talking heads say, “The President should be happy that the FBI was “monitoring” Russian involvement in his campaign.”

Give me a break. And that’s just a few examples.

Ok. So I guess the democrats and liberal talking heads won’t have a problem then with the Trump administration spying on the democrat candidate prior to the 2020 Presidential election…, right? I mean, who knows what type of collusion the democrat candidate might be involved in? We have seen how easy it is to initiate contact with some low-level campaign worker and then extrapolate that uninvited contact into some grand collusion conspiracy theory.

Can you see the problem with choosing to play that game?

The problem is that once that line has been crossed it cannot be uncrossed.

Once we have managed to twist the rules, and manipulate the laws, our concepts of justice and fairness begin to fall apart.

The problem is that if no one suffers any consequences for this type of behavior, we are setting the precedent for more of this bad, and illegal, behavior.

You democrats and liberals can keep your “swampy” cake. I’ll have a piece of good old American apple pie instead!

trump and spy resized

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