This really is so odd. Would you have ever thought that our colleges and universities would have to push for ideological diversity on campus?

Isn’t that one of main things we go to a university for, to be exposed to a diversity of thought?

Recently we have seen how a certain “strain” of liberal thought has latched onto the brains of many of our students, like some sort of symbiotic creature, and it refuses to let go.

It seems that many in this recent generation have an especially high need to be accepted and to belong, which overrides their common sense and their ability to think independently.

This “strain of extreme liberal thought” is propagated via our friendly liberal professors, who then instigate their minions to spread the liberally accepted word and to set the proper tone within the student population.

Congratulations to Harvard University, whose student newspaper recently called-out the university’s liberal bias, and pushed for more ideological diversity on Campus.

According to Newsmax and Fox News Insider, “A recent study showed that nearly 40% of top liberal arts colleges have NO conservative professors! None! The editorial board at Harvard’s newspaper noted that approximately a whopping 1.5% of respondents to their news staff’s survey of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences identify as conservative or very conservative, compared to 83.2 percent who identify as liberal or very liberal.”

“’These statistics do not reflect America, where 35% of Americans identify as conservative, 23 times the fraction of the faculty survey’s respondents, and 26% identify as liberal,’ the board wrote, arguing that ‘stark divide’ has harmful effects on Harvard’s ability to train the nation’s future leaders, and it also risks alienating current and potential conservative students.”

“The editorial board called for the school to hire professors with diverse beliefs and backgrounds, and to encourage initiatives to promote conversations in which mainstream campus beliefs are questioned.”

“By doing so, we expand the diversity conversation to make as many students feel as welcome as we can.”

Wow, what a novel idea! How long has Harvard been in business? SINCE 1636!!! So it took them only 382 years to figure that out. However, keep in mind this is just the student newspaper talking. Actual university policy has yet to be addressed.

…In other Harvard University news, of course no good deed goes unpunished, as former U.S. Secretary of State and presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, is honored for her “life of service” by the university.

According to Colleen Walsh, a Harvard Staff Writer:

“Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Friday received the Radcliffe Medal, which annually honors a recipient whose life and work have had a “transformative impact on society.”

(She has had a “transformative impact on society” alright. She has shown us how you can talk about defending women’s rights, while defending your serial rapist husband at the same time. She has shown us how the law does not apply equally to everyone, especially in her case, and she has shown us how you can get away with just about anything, if you have enough money and the support of “the swamp.”)

“She has lived a life of public service. She uses her fierce intellect and determination to create meaningful social and political change. She displays the courage demanded of those who go first,” the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Dean Lizabeth Cohen told the audience at the Radcliffe Day luncheon, reading the medal’s citation.

(The only “meaningful change” Hillary was really interested in was the increasing bottom line of her checking account.)

“Prior to receiving her award, Clinton, ‘…urged her listeners to speak up and speak out, encouraging them to defend the importance of a free press and higher education…’”

(The “free press,” of course, being code words for “the liberal biased mainstream media,” and “the importance of a higher education” as it relates to the proper liberal indoctrination.)

“’We are living through a time when fundamental rights, civic virtue, freedom of the press, even facts and reason, are under assault like never before, but we are also witnessing an era of new moral conviction, civic engagement, a sense of devotion to our democracy and our country,’ Clinton added in her closing remarks.”

(Yes Mrs. Clinton, many of our fundamental rights, laws, government institutions, and democracy in general are “under assault,” thanks to you and your “swampy” friends. Your flowery words are in direct opposition of your tawdry behavior.)

Harvard’s motto is “veritas,” which is Latin for “truth.” That’s a noble motto and a noble goal for any institution of learning. In the case of choosing to honor Mrs. Clinton, however, I feel they have chosen an example of what not to aspire to, or of what not to do.

liberal hypocrisy

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