SHAZAM! Why President Trump should tie the Mexican border to the NAFTA deal!

I hear that The United States, Canada and Mexico are close to coming to an agreement, regarding a new version of the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA.

President Trump has reiterated to our neighbors that, “The United States has been taken advantage of for many decades on trade, and those days are over. The United States will agree to a fair deal, or there will be no deal at all.”

Before any deal here is finalized, Mr. President, let me respectfully suggest that we tie an escalating tariff percentage to goods from Mexico based on the number of illegal immigrants from Mexico that we are forced to deal with.

This concept would, in effect, transfer all of the Mexican border problems onto Mexico, saving us the headaches and all of the money to boot. It would make it worth their interest to secure its northern border with us.

This would also allow you to deal with the Mexican immigration and border problems without having to fight the democrats in Congress, and the Congress in general, at least for the time being.

Mexico would have no choice but to go along with this, as they really have no leverage in the matter.

Please contact The White House and let President Trump know that you support this idea! Just go to and voice your support.

mexican-government-said-they-didn-t-like-our-laws resized

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