Well, look at the bright side “SheBron,” ooops, I mean Lebron; you don’t have to worry about getting invited to The White House anymore!

The Golden State Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA finals, “sweeping” the series in four straight games.

Yes, you made it clear that and your team didn’t want an invitation to visit The Whitehouse and shake President Trump’s hand. You took care of that problem yourself. Losers need not apply!

The NBA has been around 72 years, since 1946, and this is only the 9th “sweep” in the NBA Championship series.

After this last game, SheBron disclosed that he had “seriously” injured his right hand in a fit of frustration after the Cavaliers lost Game 1. (Here we go with the excuses…, again!)

“I Pretty much played the last three games with a broken hand,” said SheBron. (I seriously doubt that, but if you did, it’s your own fault for thinking you could win a boxing match with a wall, or some other immovable object. Smart.

LeBron then went on make more excuses while whining to the press, “Obviously, from a talent perspective, if you’re looking at Golden State, from their top five best players to our top five players, you would say they’re stacked better than us.”

Oh, well if that’s the case, why even play the games? Why didn’t you just hand the championship trophy over to the Warriors and save us all, at least those of us who chose to waste our time watching, the pain of watching?

What a pathetic loser! Nothing personal though.

Now that the season is officially over, LeBron James becomes a free agent, and the big question (among those who care about the NBA) is will LeBron leave Cleveland or sign with another team?

If I owned a team, I think I’d pass…, on SheBron James that is.

shebron resized

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