Conservatives have to fight fire with fire!

If you have watched any news on TV for the last year, and more, it immediately becomes pretty apparent that the liberals are beating the Conservatives on the ground.

Every time an issue comes to a head, there they are, the liberal protesters, claiming the spotlight and the high ground.

I am proposing that one or more of the larger conservative advocacy groups, or even a completely new one, create “protest response teams” around the country.

These teams could be paid individuals. It doesn’t matter.  These aren’t groups that need to be justified or explained.  They would be trained anti-protesters, or protesters, who are sent to locations that required a conservative response on an issue.

They would be armed with loud speakers and signs to “out shout” the opposition.

It has just gotten to the point where this type of thing needs to be part of the effective advocacy of the conservatives’ stand on controversial issues.

These are currently some of the key Conservative Advocacy Groups:

The American Conservative Union

American Family Association

Americans for Prosperity

Citizens United

The Conservative Caucus

Eagle Forum

Family Research Council

Freedom Watch

Freedom Works

John Birch Society


I have already contacted many of these advocacy groups.  Some of them do not make it easy.  And some of them don’t want to be contacted, unless you’re donating money, or course.

MrEricksonRules is calling on one f these groups, some group, any group, or anyone who wants to form a group, to fill this need.

Let me know what you think about this idea.  If you agree, please do some contacting yourself.

Conservative demonstrator Ben Bergquam faces off with counterprotesters following Milo Yiannopoulos' speech at the University of California in Berkeley

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