Bingo bango bongo, this climbing “clown” was from the Congo!

The “clown” referred to here, as deemed by President Trump, is a woman who decided to climb up to the feet of Lady Liberty to protest President Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy on immigration and the separation of families at the border.

The woman, Therese Patricia Okoumou, 44, an immigrant activist from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, who climbed Statue of Liberty, said Michelle Obama inspired her. “Michelle Obama, our beloved First Lady that I care so much about, said, ‘When they go low, we go high,’ and I went as high as I could.”

I guess she didn’t want to “go high” during the Obama years, when 89,000 children were separated from “their parents” at the border, versus the 1,900 have been separated under President Trump. Hmmm, I wonder why that would be?  Maybe she didn’t want to upset “her beloved” First Lady.

I also don’t recall the Democrats going “high” while conservatives went “low” very much. The Democrats may have been “high” while they went “low,” but they didn’t take the high road very often.  I really think their idea of “going high” is just ignoring any criticism they encounter, while glossing over any of their misdeeds.  Another example of Democrats “going high” is when they talk a good game on an issue, but then actually do nothing.

During a rally in Montana Thursday night, President Trump reacted to the story. “You saw that clown yesterday on the Statue of Liberty?” the President asked the crowd. “You see the guys that went up there? I wouldn’t have done it. I would have said let’s get some nets and wait ’til she comes down.”

To make matters worse, Ms. Okoumou decided to pull her stunt on the 4th of July.  So here you’ve got all of these patriotic Americans waiting for the tour, when this goof decides to climb the statue, at which point they have to shut down the statue and evacuate Liberty Island.  In all, the U.S. Parks Police had to evacuate over 4,000 visitors from Liberty Island! They should have handed out rocks to see if anyone could bring her down in a more expeditious manner!

The whole thing began when Ms. Okoumou went to Liberty Island with the protest group Rise and Resist, who planned on unfurling a banner that read “Abolish ICE.”

Ok, thank you. Now we have an understanding of the level of intelligence, or a lack there of, of the members in this group.

Okoumou was arrested Wednesday after a three-hour standoff that began about 3 p.m. when someone noticed her waving a T-shirt with the words “Trump Care Makes Us Sick” from up on the statue.

Uh, just to let you know, honey, there is no such thing as “Trump Care,” so you must just be experiencing an ObamaCare hangover.

She was charged with trespassing, interfering in an agency function and disorderly conduct.

At her arraignment, the courtroom erupted in thunderous applause after she pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Typical brilliant liberal strategy. Let’s plead not guilty when there were over 4,000 witnesses to me being guilty.  Who does she think she is, Hillary Clinton!?

Okoumou went on to say, “Trump has wrecked this country apart. It is depressing, it is outrageous. I can say a lot of things about this monster, but I will stop at this: His draconian zero-tolerance policy on immigration has to go. In a democracy, we do not put children in cages. Period.”

Oh yes, please lecture us on what happens in a democracy, although, by the way, The United States is a Republic, not a democracy. Please lecture us about what a “monster” President Trump is in dealing with the 1,900 ILLEGAL immigrants in this situation, while Barack Obama oversaw 89,000 children that were separated from “their parents” at the border.  How do you spell hypocrite?  H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E.  That’s you and your friends Ms. Okoumou.

According to Larry Celona, Tina Moore and Chris Perez of “The New York Post,” here some other tidbits we should know about the daring Ms. Okoumou:

“According to court records, she’s a Congolese immigrant who once filed a complaint with the New York City Commission on Human Rights, seeking a judicial review and reversal of a ‘determination’ it made regarding alleged incidents of abuse that Okoumou suffered at the hands of a social services agency on Staten Island where she worked.”

“Specifically, Okoumou claimed that in 2005, she was treated ‘in a demeaning manner’ by her bosses and told that she would be fired ‘for complaining of discrimination.’ It’s unclear why her complaint was tossed out.”

I’m just guessing, but probably because it was frivolous and stupid, just like her claims against President Trump. She is obviously not one to let facts get in the way of a good protest!

“In 2011, Okoumou made headlines after she was hit with an astounding 60 violations for illegally posting ads for her services as a personal trainer.”

“The Department of Sanitation slapped her with $4,500 in fines that year after she spent five hours one Sunday posting the fliers on Manhattan utility poles.”

There go those darn laws getting in the way again! Did you ever notice how these people are soooo concerned with everyone obeying the law, except them?

“In 2017, she was arrested and charged with obstructing governmental administration, unlawful assembly and trespassing during a demonstration at the Department of Labor building. She had allegedly covered her mouth with tape and refused to respond to police demands.”

Members of her group described her on social media as a “total bad ass.”

My response would be that her group really has no idea what constitutes being a “bad ass.”

My response would be that she should be described as a “total dumb ass,” not a “bad ass.”

trump vs obama separating familes



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