NASA said “Your Momma” did what?

Not “Your Momma.” We’re talking about a cigar-shaped object named ‘Oumuamua that sailed past Earth at 97,200mph in October of 2017.

Please refer back to my blog, “A Mysterious Object from Deep Space passed through our Solar System,” from October 30, 2017, for some additional background.

Apparently, this “object” that was first believed to be a comet, then believed to be an asteroid, then believed to be a comet again, got an “unexpected boost in speed” and “a shift in trajectory” as it passed through our inner solar system last year.

Hmmm. What natural object gets “an unexpected boost in speed” as it’s traveling, or experiences a “shift in trajectory” (it turned) while flying through space?

If you answered “no natural object does these things while flying through space,” you’re a winner! “Tell ‘em what they’ve won Chuck!”  “You’ve won the satisfaction of know you may be smarter than a space scientist!”

As stated in an article by Mark Prigg For, some scientists “believed jets of gaseous material expelled from its (the object’s) surface caused speed boost.”

Oh, you mean like when our spaceships fire a booster, expelling gasses?

“Its appearance and behavior baffled scientists and led to speculation that it might even be an alien artefact, and now they have found it got a strange speed boost while passing through, which has helped identify it as a comet.”

It only helps identify the object as a comet if you are unwilling to consider any other possibilities.

“A European-led team also makes the case in the journal “Nature:”

“‘Our high-precision measurements of ′Oumuamua’s position revealed that there was something affecting its motion other than the gravitational forces of the Sun and planets,’ said Marco Micheli of ESA’s (European Space Agency) Space Situational Awareness Near-Earth Object Coordination Centre in Frascati, Italy, and lead author of a paper describing the team’s findings.’”

“But according to team scientist Olivier Hainaut of the European Southern Observatory, ‘there were no visible signs of outgassing from ′Oumuamua, so these forces were not expected.’”

It’s funny how nothing seems to “add up” for these scientists, yet they seem to feel pretty confident about what we’re looking at here.

′Oumuamua is named after the Hawaiian term for ‘scout’ or ‘messenger.’

Alien hunters at SETI (the Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence), based at Berkeley University, California, said there was a possibility the object was “alien” in nature.

Most other scientists appear satisfied to classify the object as either a comet or an asteroid that was just passing through.

What do you think?

path of interstellar object


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