The “hired help” really needs to be put in their place!  And I’m just the one to do it!

Listen up Mr. Rosenstein, Mr. Stzrok, Ms. Paige, Mr. Sessions, Mr. Wray, Mr. Coats; YOU ARE THE HIRED HELP.  Nobody elected you to your current positions in our government.  You were either hired or appointed, which means you can be, and in most cases should be, fired.

Mr. McCabe. Mr. Comey, Mr. Brennan and Mr. Clapper; you gentlemen were either fired or resigned because you were about to be fired.  You were fired because you dishonored yourself and your agency.  We really don’t care what you think or what you have to say about our country or the people that still have their jobs in our government.

When any of you people disrespect, look down upon or ignore the people we elected to represent us, you are disrespecting, looking down upon or ignoring us, We the People.

The President and Congress, who were elected by We the People are your bosses.  Not the other way around.

First of all, you should obey our country’s laws.  You are not above the laws of the land just because you enforce the laws of the land.  If you break our laws, you should be fired, punished or both.

When the people we elected ask you for answers to questions, you give them the answers, or you should be fired.

When the people we elected ask you for documents, emails or texts, you give them the documents, emails or texts, or you should be fired.

When the people we elected ask you for documents, emails or texts, and you redact them to the point of being meaningless because you say you are protecting “classified material,” We the People understand that you are only protecting your asses.  I’m just sayin’, we get it, you’re not fooling anybody, and you should be fired.

Are you starting to get the idea about where you stand in OUR government?

You should have loyalty to NO other person, persons, or organization other than our elected officials and the American people.

I get the impression from some of you that you feel you are “patriotic” somehow when you obstruct and disrespect our duly elected officials.  Let’s be clear…, you are not patriotic at all in these cases…, you are disgraceful and in many cases treasonous.

“The swamp,” “the deep state,” or whatever you want to call it, can no longer be allowed to co-opt our elected government and the government as laid out in our Constitution.

drain the swamp

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