More evidence that the noose is tightening around “the swamp?”

According to Katrina Filippidis, Via The New York Post and The Wall Street Journal, “Three top FBI officials quit as US cybersecurity threats mount.  The mass exodus has been labeled ‘highly unusual.’”

She goes on to say that, “Looming cybersecurity threats are reportedly behind the departure of several cybersecurity officials at the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  According to The Wall Street Journal, three of the top FBI officials, Scott Smith, David Resch, and Carl Ghattas, are exiting the bureau.”

(Now we have to ask ourselves the questions: What are these “looming” cybersecurity threats?  Aren’t there always looming cybersecurity threats?  Isn’t that why we have these cybersecurity officials in the first place?  Why would looming threats be the reason for their leaving the FBI?)

(Translation:  Congressional investigations about the 2016 election and all of the cybersecurity issues are starting to get close to us, and we are going to bail before we are impelled to testify or forced to resign.)

“The resignations come amidst an ‘unprecedented’ number of cyberattacks, which apparently include Russian meddling in the political system, as well as disputes with President Trump.  Last year, the US President took a swipe at the FBI’s reputation on social media, calling it ‘the worst in history.’”

(Translation:  We have to make this sound really good by saying there were an “unprecedented number” of cyberattacks, which no one can either verify or question, and of course they “apparently” include “Russian meddling” and President Trump.  How convenient, and they’re also promoting the liberal narrative!  They get extra “swamp” points for that!)

“Assistant FBI director Scott Smith is set to resign this month, and will be joined by David Resch, the FBI’s executive assistant director of the cyber, response and services office.  Meanwhile, the national security branch of the FBI will lose Carl Ghattas, also an executive assistant director, as he pursues other opportunities in the private sector.  All of the departures have been confirmed by the FBI.”

“In a statement, Resch assured the public that “the Bureau will remain the FBI the American people have depended on for 110 years.”  Those familiar with the decisions have labelled the mass exodus of senior officials as “highly unusual,” particularly in the case of Smith, whose premature departure diverges from the standard practice of agents leaving after retirement age.”

(I feel soooo much better now with the reassurances given by of Mr. Resch.  Translation: Even though we have to bail, don’t worry, the “swamp” is alive and well within the FBI.)

“With the shadow of the 2016 election hacking still lingering, and concerns with present cybersecurity issues, senior US intelligence officials have cautioned the country has reached a “critical point.”

(Yes, we’ve reached a “critical point” alright.  Hopefully we’re all about to learn how slimy and corrupt the FBI has been under the Obama administration, and even up till now, trying to disrupt and impede President Trump and his administration.)

Remember, stay thirsty my friends, but don’t drink the Kool-Aide!



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