Question everything! 

If you’re really thinking you’re doing a lot of questioning.  Curiosity is a characteristic of a good learner.

Here are some good questions that I have come across or wondered about myself.


Why weren’t European settlers killed by Native American diseases in the same way Native Americans are reported to have been wiped out by European diseases like smallpox?

Parents all feel giving our children the right name is so important.  Does a person’s name really influence the person they become?

How long do you think you’ll be remembered after you die?

When there’s nobody left that remembers you, did you ever exist?

What do you think existed before the universe was created?

What exists outside of the known universe?

Could there ever have been just nothing?  If not, where did anything that exists come from?

Can we really think without thinking in a language?

Does being more proficient at language expand our ability to think?

Why are they called “apartments” when they are all stuck together?

Do you think there will ever be one global government?

In an ideal government, what should a good citizen provide to their government and what should that government provide that good citizen?

Why do people yawn?

Should tax payers have the option to explicitly say what they DON’T want their tax dollars spent on?

How could a planet of homosexuals continue to exist?  Where did they come from in the first place?

Why do humans cry?

Is talking to yourself really a sign of madness?

If “con” is the opposite of “pro,” does that mean that “Congress” is the opposite of “progress?”

Do you have a “good question” that you’d like to ask?  Let me know if you do.  That may be another blog for a different day.

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