Ha!  This is why I love President Trump!

While every biased mainstream media (fake news) outlet decried, “What a terrible day it was for the President,” “Trump presidency in trouble now,” “Cohen plea is a disaster for Trump,” “Why these verdicts should worry Trump,” and “Why Trump’s legal problems are just beginning,” regarding the Cohen and Manafort cases, President Trump tweets, “If anyone is looking for a good lawyer, I would strongly suggest that you don’t retain the services of Michael Cohen!

How beautiful and hilarious is that?!


President Trump must just drive all of these teams of “swampy” lawyers and “investigators” nuts.  As well as all of the libs that honestly believe (and hope beyond hope) that their hero, Robert Mueller, is going to find something (anything) on President Trump that will derail his presidency.

They are so serious about their mission to overturn an election by any means possible, and they keep coming up with nothing, and then they get laughed at The President and his supporters on top of it!

It’s quite obvious that President Trump is not losing much sleep or losing his sense of humor over all of this nonsense and the left’s wishful thinking.

Nor am I.

WINNING!!! (Hugely!)

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