The weather from one month does not a major climate change make! 

A recent headline from our beloved Editorial Board at USA TODAY announced that, “A hellish July validates climate change forecasts.”

(Can you say “o-v-e-r  r-e-a-c-t-i-o-n?”)

“With the cost of climate change to the U.S. economy averaging $240 billion a year, according to a Universal Ecological Fund study last year, America can’t afford not to act.”

(So…, your supposed “climate change” costs us $240 billion a year?  I’d love to know how they arrived at this figure or where it came from.  The problem is, even IF we are suffering the effects from a climate change, man-made or not, what are you proposing we do about it?  How are we supposed to “act?”  What specifically can we do that would affect our climate one way or another, drastically enough, that it would affect our planet’s weather patterns?  The truth is there is nothing we can do or any amount of money that we could spend that would make one bit of difference in our planet’s overall climate.)

“This month’s (July of 2018) weather has been downright hellish in parts of the United States and across the globe, providing further evidence that the impact of climate change is no longer relegated to starving polar bears and shrinking ice caps.”

(Ok.  Here we go with the ice caps and polar bears…, again!  Granted, we’re having a warm summer, but it happens.  The weather changes from year to year.  That’s the way it is.  Oh, and by the way, there are more Polar Bears out there than EVER before, and the whole ice thing is just global warming propaganda.  Why do you think they subtly changed their catch phrase from “global warming” to “climate change?”)

The article makes references to “deadly wildfires scorching California and other Western states,” (We’ve never seen that before!) “an all-time high of 111 degrees recorded at UCLA,” (All-time high temperatures are recorded all of the time. What year was the previous all-time high recorded?  Were you sounding the “climate change” alarm then?) “a record 16.4 inches of rain in Baltimore,”  (Just like with the all-time temperature, the same principle applies to inches of rain.  Were you sounding the “climate change” alarm then?)  “Africa recorded its highest reliably recorded temperature in modern history: 124.3 degrees in Algeria,” (Sooo, you’re saying that it was warmer prior to modern history?  And which recorded temperatures aren’t reliable by the way?  And why would they be recorded?) Oh and “Torrential rains flooded Japan and collapsed a dam in Laos, killing hundreds.”  (Again, we’ve never seen heavy rains collapse a dam before either.)

USA TODAY goes on to say that, “While no single event can be attributed to human-induced climate change, these are precisely the types of extreme weather that become significantly more likely because of it.”

(OK, I’m confused.  Are you blaming all of this stuff on “human-induced climate change” or not?  I guess you’re saying from a responsible scientific perspective, not really, but from your liberal-whacko perspective, yes!)

(These guys really crack me up.  They also say they have groundbreaking studies that show people work slower in the heat and that people use more air-conditioning when it’s hot.  No way!!)

According to Nicola Davis, a reporter for “The Guardian,” from a 2017 article, “Volcanic eruptions triggered global warming 56 million years ago, a study reveals.  A dramatic period of global warming 56 million years ago that saw temperatures climb by up to five degrees and triggered extinctions of marine organisms was tied to volcanic eruptions, researchers have revealed, in a study they say offers insights into the scale and possible impact of global warming today.”

If I have my history right, there weren’t any factories or cars around 56 million years ago.  There weren’t any humans around either for that matter.  So how did global warming occur without the evil humans there to cause it?


If you question these peoples’ beliefs, you are labeled a “climate change denier,’ and looked at as though you had three heads and eight arms!  Just let me remind you that these highfalutin weather people can’t even get the weather forecast right from one day to the next most times!

Remember, a good liberal never lets facts get in the way of a desired narrative!

Stay thirsty my friends…, but remember, don’t drink the Kool Aide!

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