New ad asks young people to “rock the vote” by NOT voting!

The ad, titled “They’re doing fine, are you?” was created as part of the “Knock the Vote” movement, started by ACRONYM, an organization that claims to be the largest digital program focused on electing Democrats to state legislative seats across the country.

Funded by that little old fascist/socialist, George Soros, no doubt.

The ad is intended to be satirical, but it is so “spot on” that I feel it rises above the satirical level into the “hysterically funny and true realm.”

Here is how the ad goes:

Older woman 1 (OW 1):  Dear young people…

Older man 1 (OM 1):  Don’t vote.

OW 2: Don’t vote.

OM 2: Everything is fine the way it is.

OW 3: Trump…, that was us.

OM 2: He’s our guy.

OM 3: Tax cuts for the rich?  Hell yeah…, I’m rich as f*ck!

OW 4: Climate change?  That’s a “you” problem.  I’ll be dead soon.

OW 1: Sure, school shootings are sad…

OW 2: …but I haven’t been in a school for 50 years!

OW 3: I can’t keep track of which lives matter.

OW 2: Sure you don’t like it…

OM 1: So, you don’t like some meme (Pronounced “meem.” A humorous image, video, piece of text, etc., that is copied, often with slight variations, and spread rapidly by Internet users) on Instagram…

OW 1: If the weather is nice, maybe you could go to one of those little marches?

OW 2: You might even share this video on Facebook…

OM 3: …but you won’t vote…

OW 4: …you young people never do.

OM 2: But I do.

OM 1: I do.

OW 2: I do.

OW 1: …midterms, primaries…

OM 2: …every single election…

OM 3: We’ll be there…, ha, ha, but you won’t.

OM 1: Because we’re a generation of doers…

OW 2: …not whiners…

OM 1: …and we’re doing great!


Like I said before, this ad is hilarious.  But it’s funny because it’s so true.  The creators of the ad don’t even realize that they’re probably hurting their own cause.  It’s a beautiful thing.

Young Americans have a historically low turnout for elections, even though many of them say they’ll vote beforehand, either on social media or to their friends.

Whatever the case, and whoever is trying to get whoever to do whatever, I love it.

I highly recommend you take the time to view the ad.

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dear young people


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