Two cases to be made for “creation” versus evolution.

Please refer to my blog from October 11, 2019, “You may not believe in ‘God,’ but you should at least believe in a ‘creator.’”

eye 8

There are many arguments and examples to be made that evolutionists can’t answer.

Here are two of my favorites.

Our first case in point is the human eye.

eye 7

Brian Thomas, PH.D. says, “The eye is very well-constructed.  Its many critical parts work together so that individual light photons are captured and converted into data that the brain then translates into a coherent visual image.  Considering the obvious genius and purpose in eye design, claims that mindless natural processes formed the eye can only be made by ignoring the laws of logic.”

eye 6

Australian neuroscientist Trevor Lamb wrote in a Scientific American article titled “Evolution of the Eye,”  “… only an intelligent agent—not passive, unthinking environmental factors—could fashion the massive collection of interdependent parts that form vertebrate eyes.”

“How could [evolutionary] ‘selection’ have precisely positioned the 12 muscles that adroitly move the eyeball in its socket, including the one that uses a pulley to properly swivel the eyes?  And even if perfectly formed eyes and eye-moving muscles had somehow managed to evolve, the apparatus still would have been useless without the involuntary computations that make both the left and right eyes move in concert.”

“In addition to overlooking these vital features, how could ‘selective [evolutionary] pressures have programmed the brain to convert raw light input into discernible mental images?”

“Magic words and logical fallacies are miserable substitutes for science or reason, but they are apparently the best explanatory tools available to those who are determined to find a purely naturalistic cause for eye origins.  Based on the evidence, the most logical source for the masterfully designed eye is a Master Designer.”

eye 9

I know evolutionists typically feel that given enough time anything can evolve into something else, but even in a hundred trillion years, the eye, with its cooperation between numerous muscles and its function, design and coordination with our brains, could not have “just happened” by virtue of mutations and evolutionary “selections.” Period.

The next case in point is the bombardier beetle.

The bombardier beetle has a special kind of defense mechanism, and an amazingly complicated one at that.

The beetle has twin “exhaust tubes” in his tail from which this beetle fires boiling-hot noxious gases into the face of his enemies.

eye 1

eye 2

German chemist Dr. Schildknecht discovered that the beetle mixes two chemicals (hydrogen peroxide and hydroquinone), which is a dangerous mixture.

The bombardier beetle, however, uses a special “inhibitor” chemical to keep the mixture from reacting and blowing itself up.

How then can the explosion instantaneously occur when needed?

Okay…, stay with me on this.

Dr. Schildknecht discovered that in the beetle’s specially designed combustion tubes are two enzymes called catalase and peroxidase which make chemical reactions go millions of times faster. These chemicals catalyze the extremely rapid decomposition of hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen and the oxidation of hydroquinone into quinone, causing them to violently react and explode—but not so soon as to blow up the beetle, of course!

Common sense, something typically lacking in the liberal evolutionary mind, tells us that this amazing little insect cannon which can fire four or five “bombs” in succession could not have evolved piece by piece. Explosive chemicals, inhibitor, enzymes, glands, combustion tubes, sensory communication, muscles to direct the combustion tubes and reflex nervous systems—all had to work perfectly the very first time—or any hopes for the future of our little bombardier beetle evolving into anything would have all gone up in smoke!

eye 3

The tiny bombardier beetle could not have possibly evolved.  Period.

I think this article successfully debunks the concept of macro evolution and shoots down the big, liberal, evolution lie.

All of the creatures in this world were designed to be just what they are, and are not the result of natural selection and evolution.


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