Death toll hits 14,000!  But I’m not talking about the coronavirus.

The 14,000 deaths, at least, that I’m talking about is from the annual flu bug in the United States.

So where’s all of the hysteria about that?

14,000 deaths!

And 14,000 deaths is on the low end of the national estimate.  That number could be as high as 36,000!

The latest number we have for coronavirus related deaths is…, 22.

Yeah…, that’s right…, just 2-2.

acorona2 1

Additionally, according to the “Advisory Board” website, “The 2019-2020 flu season has seen the most pediatric deaths in a decade.”

“This flu season has been especially bad for children, according to the CDC. The latest CDC report shows 92 pediatric deaths had been reported as of Feb. 8, the highest number by week since the 2009-2010 flu season, in which 262 pediatric deaths had occurred by this point in the season, according to CDC.”

“ScienceAlert” website reports that, “Parents are understandably concerned. But it’s important to keep in mind that comparatively few children have tested positive for the coronavirus, and deaths in children are very rare.”

“The number of reported COVID-19 cases in children remains low: of more than 44,000 confirmed cases from China, only 416 (less than 1 percent) were aged nine years or younger. No deaths were reported in this age group.”

“The majority of children and adolescents with COVID-19 in China had mild infections and recovered within one to two weeks.”

So the regular old annual flu virus is considerably more dangerous for children that the coronavirus.  In fact, it appears the coronavirus isn’t dangerous for children at all.

Have we heard the fake news media reporting this?

In fact, it appears that the coronavirus isn’t really dangerous at all, except to elderly people and people who are already experiencing some form of disease or illness.

Have we heard the fake news reporting this?

The “Advisory Board” website goes on to say “Between 26 million and 36 million people have been stricken with the flu as of Feb. 8, according to the latest CDC data.”

Again…, “Between 26 MILLION and 36 MILLION people have been stricken with the flu [in the U.S.] as of Feb. 8, according to the latest CDC data.”

And we have that many cases and we already have a vaccine for the flu!

And how many people have been diagnosed with the coronavirus?

Around 500.

That’s right…, 500.

26,000,000-36,000,000 versus 500.

Oh…, but the world is coming to an end because of the coronavirus!

acorona2 3

acorona2 5

The hysteria being created by the fake news media and the democrats is obviously politically motivated.

Just looking at the numbers, what else could explain their reporting regarding the suppression of the flu figures and the hype of the coronavirus numbers?

As usual, what we have here is the democrats taking advantage of a crisis…, albeit a manufactured crisis.

acorona2 4

acorona2 42

If the fake news media and the democrats were really concerned about our wellbeing, they would be putting the coronavirus in the proper perspective and being more outspoken about the dangers of the flu virus.

It’s as simple as that.

If you could catch the virus from watching TV or reading a paper, they wouldn’t be hyping it.  I guarantee you that!

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