My favorite Lyin’ Joe Biden memes!

President Trump calls Joe Biden, “The worst presidential candidate in history.”

And it’s hard to argue with that assertion.

When Sleepy Joe bothers to make a campaign stop somewhere, it’s in front of literally a handful of people.

Lyin’ Joe Biden refuses to answer any questions about policies or his corrupt behavior and corrupt family, when the fake news, liberal propaganda mainstream media even bothers to ask him a pertinent question at all.

We’re two weeks out from the 2020 election.

Hopefully a majority of Americans see Lyin’ Joe Biden for what he is…, a lying, failed, establishment pawn of the radical, socialist, left and communist China.

Here is my collection of my favorite Hidin’ Joe Biden memes!

“Meme” is pronounced [MEEM], and rhymes with “seem,” if you’re not familiar with the term.

A “meme” is a humorous image that is copied and enhanced (often with the addition of a message, joke, or saying) and spread rapidly by Internet users.

 So, without any further adieu…, here are the memes!


I hope you enjoyed my inaugural collection of Lyin’ Joe Biden memes!

If you haven’t already seen them, please check out my previous editions of funny and favorite memes!

“A day without laughter is a day wasted.” –  Charlie Chaplin   

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