It’s a new day biased lamestream media!

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, back to 2015, 2014, 2013, and before that. Back to the days when Conservatives were afraid to do or say much of anything for fear of being vilified by the mainstream media.

Liberal politicians, of course, were immune from that fear, thanks to their friends that dominated the biased mainstream media. In these cases, the media has become good at looking the other way, downplaying a story, or just ignoring it altogether.

Everything a politician wished to communicate was held hostage by the mainstream media. It was edited and released out for consumption to “We the People” at their discretion and leisure.

Well ladies and gentlemen, THOSE DAYS ARE DONE!

Donald Trump proved that you can take on the biased mainstream media and win!

During the election, President Trump took advantage of the coverage he was given by the media as they compromised their messaging for ratings, magazine, and newspaper sales. After all, he wasn’t going to win anyway, so why not make some money off of his flunky supporters?

Then the unthinkable happened…, Donald Trump won and he was elected President!

This caused the biased mainstream media to lose their minds and go into full attack mode. If there was any doubt about bias in the media before, that doubt was now erased.  Now, the biased mainstream media, in many cases, does not even bother to try and hide or disguise their bias.

After the election, the President has been able to side step the biased mainstream media with his use of Twitter and Facebook. The President has managed to move from counter-punching to taking the fight to the biased media, and actually putting them on the defensive!  It’s a beautiful day.

“We the People” will never be at the mercy of the biased mainstream media again!

That ship has sailed!

The emperor has no clothes!

The biased media has been fully exposed for who and what they are, and there is no going back for them now. “We the People” are fully engaged now, and that’s not going to change.

my undivided attention



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