“If the American people lose confidence in the integrity of our election system, we are one big step closer to our republic dissolving right before our eyes.” – MrEricksonRules

And the fact of the matter is that the American people ARE losing confidence in the integrity of our election system.  Certain people need to stop acting like there is no problem, and the system needs to be fixed, and fixed quickly.  Playing around with the vote is like playing with fire; sooner or later you’re going to burn your house down, and now you’ve got no place to live.

I hear about examples of voter fraud, and liberals (And please note: The issue of voter fraud is exclusively synonymous with liberals/democrats) are always quick to discount our voter fraud concerns as “not that prevalent,” “inconsequential,” “unfounded,” or “very rare.”  Then they will quickly turn the discussion to the “real” problem, in their minds, of voter suppression, which truly is virtually a non-existent problem.

We also hear the insincere cries from the left of, “count every vote!”  This is liberal code for, “allow us to manufacture enough votes after the election in order for us to win the election.”

The Democrats in Congress are saying they will be putting legislation forward to address voting issues, which in reality will only make the system more vulnerable to voter fraud.

Tampering with the vote is an insidious crime that is like a cancer attacking the soul of our country.  This cancer must be dealt with, and it must be dealt with harshly and in no uncertain terms.

The big question is how many fraudulent votes are acceptable?

Who’s going to the first one to stand up and volunteer to have their vote cancelled out by a fraudulent vote?

Not me.

And I’m guessing not you either.

The right to vote in a free AND FAIR election is our most basic civil right, and one on which many other rights of the American people depend.

Our government should be able to guarantee that every eligible individual who wants to vote can, and that no one’s vote is stolen or discounted.

The integrity of the vote is just as important as the opportunity to vote. 

Let’s not confuse the “opportunity to vote,” however, with stumbling into a polling station with no ID, no nothing, and expecting to cast a vote.

Let’s not confuse the “opportunity to vote,” however, with polling stations accepting hundreds and thousands of unverifiable, mail-in, absentee ballots, and casting votes with these.

Voter fraud is real.

Voter fraud is real, and hundreds of convictions have been made and documented in recent years, as well as over the course of our voting history.

We all should recognize this as human nature.  If there is the ability to scam any system or situation for any type of gain, someone will do it.

According to The Heritage Foundation:

Contrary to the claims of many liberals, the problem of voter fraud is as old as the country itself.  As the U.S. Supreme Court noted when it upheld Indiana’s voter identification law in 2008, “flagrant examples” of voter fraud “have been documented throughout this Nation’s history by respected historians and journalists.”

So what are the different types of election fraud that liberals use in an attempt to undermine our election system?  Well, here they are:

Impersonation fraud at the polls: Voting in the name of other legitimate voters and voters who have died, moved away, lost their right to vote for some reason, but remain registered.

False registrations: Voting under fraudulent voter registrations that either use a phony name and a real or fake address or claim residence in a particular jurisdiction where the registered voter does not actually live and is not entitled to vote.

Duplicate voting: Registering in multiple locations and voting in the same election in more than one jurisdiction or state.

Fraudulent use of absentee ballots: Requesting absentee ballots and voting without the knowledge of the actual voter; or obtaining the absentee ballot from a voter and either filling it in directly and forging the voter’s signature or illegally telling the voter who to vote for.

Buying votes: Paying voters to cast either an in-person or absentee ballot for a particular candidate.

Illegal “assistance” at the polls: Forcing or intimidating voters, particularly the elderly, disabled, illiterate, and those for whom English is a second language, to vote for particular candidates while supposedly providing them with “assistance.”

Ineligible voting: Illegal registration and voting by individuals who are not U.S. citizens, or are otherwise not eligible to vote.

Manipulating someone’s vote automatically at the voting machine.

Altering the vote count: Changing the actual vote count either in a precinct or at the central location where votes are counted.

So, who is responsible for ensuring the integrity of our elections?

Each state is generally responsible for the administration of its own electoral systems, including elections for federal office.  This being the case, I feel we open ourselves up to many problems, mostly because the states don’t have access to national databases, which presents the possibility of citizens being registered in multiple states and voting in multiple states.

Of course MrEricksonRules has his own remedy for all of our voting integrity woes!

I have addressed this issue in previous blogs.  This my latest and greatest iteration of my proposed voting system.

Here we go!

First, our government needs to establish a new national holiday called “Election Day,” of course.  Personally, I would suggest getting rid of the day that is currently known as Columbus Day and using if for the new “Election Day” holiday.   This would offer everyone every opportunity and ample time to vote.  Especially those people who work for a living.

There would be no “early” voting, unless it was done on-line at USAvote.gov.

All in-person voting would occur on Election Day.  In-person voting would really be for people who do not have access to a device that would allow them vote on-line.

An initial “national voter database” would be established by cross referencing the IRS database, national military databases, national benefit databases, Social Security databases, along with Medicare and Medicaid databases.  Only American citizens would be eligible to be in this database.

This national voter database would reside only on a dedicated server, and would then be protected by redundancy across multiple servers, as well as hundreds of generational back-up versions, in order to avoid any corruption that may threaten the integrity of the national voter database.

Initial Federal Voter Identification numbers would then be assigned and Federal Voter Identification Cards would then be mailed out based on this database.  People not receiving cards by a given date would then be responsible for acquiring a card at designated state or federal locations.

The practice of using mail-in absentee ballots would be discontinued.

A national voting website, “USAvote.gov” would be established.  All updates to a voter’s address, party affiliation, and on-line ballots would be cast via this website.

No voter registration would be required anymore, just the maintenance of your national voting database record.

All votes, other than those cast via the USAvote.gov website, would have to be cast in person.  All votes cast could have a confirming email sent to the email of record, if desired.

We would no longer need voting machines, only access to the USAvote.gov website.

Each polling station would be supervised by one democrat and one republican, so they could keep an eye on each other.  These individuals would also have to be either a federal or a state employee.  This would give us a level of accountability and integrity we currently don’t have.

Once you have voted, this would be entered into the national voting database, locking your voting record, which would limit you from voting again, in the current election.

Every adult individual would be required to obtain a Federal Voter Identification number to vote, and a Federal Voter Identification Card, if they want to vote at a polling place.

What about individuals who do not have access to a device to get on-line and who are not able to make it to a polling place?  These individuals would need to contact their local government and arrange for a device to be brought to them so they can vote.  This would be an accommodation that would fall under the Federal Disabilities Act, I’m sure.

So how do we handle homeless Americans?  As I stated above, people who do not have a federal voter identification number and a federal voter identification card would then be responsible for acquiring a card at designated state or federal locations.  Their state, county and district they “live” in would then be established, even if they had no “home” address.

There would be no exceptions to these laws and no “provisional” ballots.

By using these methods we would have immediate and final results at the time the polls closed on Election Day, and we would avoid these three-ring circuses, like we are seeing and like we have seen before in the state of Florida.

There you go.

Problem solved.

Any other problems or issues of national importance may be submitted at any time to Mr. Erickson at MrEricksonRules.com.

“The right to vote cannot come before the integrity of the vote.  They have to go hand in hand.” – MrEricksonRules

I’d be happy to hear any criticisms of my system you may have, as well as any additional suggestions.  Please do so by responding with a comment.


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Thank you, MrEricksonRules.

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