Well, lo and behold…, the Dayton shooter was a lefty!

Well you don’t say!

I haven’t really heard a lot about that, or laying the blame on for the Dayton shootings at the feet of liberal ideologies or any democrat politicians.

Now why is that?

In my blog of August 6th, “President Trump’s response to the shootings in El Paso and Dayton is ‘spot on,’” I say:

“Is it just me, or is ‘the media’ always quick to pursue the racism angle when a white perpetrator or a conservative is involved, but completely the opposite when a non-white perpetrator or a liberal leaning individual is involved?”

“The Dayton shooter appears to be a liberal whacko…, but they’re keeping that on the ‘down low.’”

“Just sayin’.”

Now we see The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) chiming in with the headline, “The Dayton killer was a left-winger, but don’t blame Elizabeth Warren.”

dayton 1

Oh…, okay…, please, continue to tell us what to think this guy.

Do you recall seeing the headline somewhere that said, “The El Paso killer was a white supremacist racist, but don’t blame President Trump.”

No.., you couldn’t recall that headline…, because there wasn’t one.

double standard meme Luxury 20 best LIBERAL HYPOCRISY images on Pinterest

Oh…, and the way, this opinion article in the WSJ could not even be attributed to an author, or authors, but was credited to the innocuous Wall Street Journal Editorial Board.

Such journalistic bravery!

The article goes on to say that the “Police are seeking a motive to the Dayton mass shooting.”


No kidding?

You don’t say?

“Police in Dayton say they’re still seeking a motive for Connor Betts’ shooting spree that killed nine people, including his sister. But whatever turns up, we hope no one blames Elizabeth Warren.”

Oh no…, of course not.


dayton 3

“We say that because the news site Heavy.com, which gained access to Betts’ Twitter account before it was taken down, reports that his politics appear to have been left of center.”

Well, at least we’re lucky enough that this news site managed to gain access before “Betts’ Twitter account was taken down,” or Betts would have been “spun” into being a conservative somehow!

“The shooter recently tweeted that he would ‘happily’ vote for Senator Warren.  His Twitter profile also read: ‘he/him/anime fan/metalhead/leftist/i’m going to hell and i’m not coming back.’ In December last he wrote: ‘This is America: Guns on every corner, guns in every house, no freedom but to kill.’ A month before that, he wrote: ‘Vote blue for gods sake.’”

After reading this, the WSJ says, “His politics appear to have been left of center.”

Ya’ think?!

Yeah…, I’d say “his politics, not only “appear” to be left of center…, they are definitely left of center!

The WSJ goes on to say, “The Dayton shooter’s leftist ravings are notable only because the media and Democratic politicians have drawn a straight line between the El Paso shooter’s anti-immigrant “manifesto” and Donald Trump and the Republican Party.”


Yes…, isn’t it a shame that we would now expect the same correlations to be drawn to in the liberal direction?!

Who would have thought that one of the shooters would be a whacko lefty, exposing our unfair treatment of conservatives everywhere and President Trump?!

The WSJ then adds, “After so many recent mass shootings, it is disheartening to see how quickly the issue of these two highly disturbed shooters was overwhelmed by the urge to assign political causation.”

There was actually twice as many shootings during the Obama years, but I don’t recall any “urge to assign political causation” in President Obama’s direction.

dayton 7

“The answer to how he [the Dayton shooter] or the El Paso shooter found their way from fantasy to murder won’t be found in pointless spitting matches between the left and right over whose politics bears the blame.”

Yes we know.

“The pointless spitting matches” are only pointless when “the left” can be “spit at” as well.

dayton 6

dayton 4

dayton 1

dayton 8

dayton 2


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