Impeachment! According to the memes.   

As the fraudulent impeachment proceedings are hopefully winding down, I would like to share my collection of impeachment memes that I found particularly entertaining and/or particularly enlightening.

Just to recap:

“Meme” is pronounced [MEEM], and rhymes with “seem,” if you’re not familiar with the term.

A “meme” is a humorous image that is copied and enhanced (often with the addition of a message, joke, or saying) and spread rapidly by Internet users.  I’m sure you saw them before you even knew there was a special name for them.  I know I did.

Well, anyway…, bring on the memes!


aimp 13

aimp 1

aimp 11

aimp 9

aimp 15

aimp 10

aimp 8

Who you callin’ crazy, cuckoo birds?!

aimp 6

aimp 7

aimp 16

aimp 14

aimp 12

aimp 4

aimp 2

aimp 3


I hope you enjoyed this collection of memes!

Now let’s hope our senators put this impeachment hoax to rest and get back to taking care of The Peoples’ business.


“A day without laughter is a day wasted.” –  Charlie Chaplin


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2 thoughts on “Impeachment! According to the memes.   

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  1. Love your blog, what happened to your face, did a angry badger attack your face or a accidental acid spill get on your face, whatever works!!!!!!!!!!!


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