Can we really question the presence of UFOs anymore? 

Robert Gearty of Fox News reports that, “A former U.S. Navy fighter pilot spoke this month about what he says was an encounter with a ‘Tic Tac’-shaped UFO.”

“Retired Cmdr. David Fravor recalled the strange encounter off San Diego 16 years ago (in 2004) in a Sept. 8 podcast with MIT research scientist Lex Fridman.”

“Fravor says he was dispatched to investigate radar anomalies and later described what he saw as ‘like nothing I’ve ever seen’ – a Tic Tac-shaped object able to turn on a dime and make itself invisible to radar, New Zealand’s TV Channel 3 reported.”

“He was followed by other pilots who managed to catch it on video.  Clips were leaked in 2017 by a UFO research group, and formally declassified in 2020 by the Pentagon, according to the station.”

“This is not like, ‘we saw it and it was gone’, or ‘I saw lights in the sky and it’s gone’ – we watched this thing on a crystal clear day with four trained observers,’ Fravor said.”

“Fridman called Fravor ‘one of the most credible witnesses’ in the history of UFO research.”

Colin Drury, for the on-line British newspaper, “The Independent,” reported that, “[Navy pilot] Chad Underwood [who flew with Commander Fravor] broke 15 years of silence on the subject, describing the object he recorded over the Pacific Ocean as ‘not behaving within the normal laws of physics.’”

“He said: ‘It was going from like 50,000 feet to 100 feet in like seconds, which is not possible.’”

‘“It was just behaving in ways that aren’t physically normal. That’s what caught my eye. Because, aircraft, whether they’re manned or unmanned, still have to obey the laws of physics. They have to have some source of lift, some source of propulsion. The tic-tac was not doing that.’”

Commander Fravor also described his alien encounter while on the Tucker Carlson show, on the Fox News channel.

According to Commander Fravor, he and another jet were on a training mission off the coast of southern California, when their training was cancelled and they were redirected to another area to check out something that had shown up on the ship’s, the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz’s, radar.  After arriving at the target location, “Both of us, both airplanes, see a disturbance in the water, and a white 40 foot long tic-tac shaped object was hovering above the water.”

“It was going forward, back, left and right.  There was no rotor wash, no wings, nothing.”

“As we go down it starts to mirror us and we’re getting a great look at it.”

I decide to go see what it is, and as I get within a half mile of it, it rapidly accelerates and disappears.”

You can view the interview yourself at the link below and decide if you feel he is a credible witness or not.

Either he saw an alien craft or he didn’t.  I don’t think a case of mistaken identity is an option here.

You decide.

I don’t know about you, but Commander Fravor seems totally believable to me.

To me, the only question is, why isn’t this bigger news?

So, if we can’t explain something the mainstream media just ignores it?

Purposefully ignoring a newsworthy story is called propaganda by omission, which MrEricksonRules followers are already aware of.

But, what is the mainstream media hoping to gain by not covering this story?

The truth is out there…, but we’re not going to find it if we don’t even look for it.


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