Can we really question the presence of UFOs anymore? 

Robert Gearty of Fox News reports that, “A former U.S. Navy fighter pilot spoke this month about what he says was an encounter with a ‘Tic Tac’-shaped UFO.”

“Retired Cmdr. David Fravor recalled the strange encounter off San Diego 16 years ago (in 2004) in a Sept. 8 podcast with MIT research scientist Lex Fridman.”

“Fravor says he was dispatched to investigate radar anomalies and later described what he saw as ‘like nothing I’ve ever seen’ – a Tic Tac-shaped object able to turn on a dime and make itself invisible to radar, New Zealand’s TV Channel 3 reported.”

“He was followed by other pilots who managed to catch it on video.  Clips were leaked in 2017 by a UFO research group, and formally declassified in 2020 by the Pentagon, according to the station.”

“This is not like, ‘we saw it and it was gone’, or ‘I saw lights in the sky and it’s gone’ – we watched this thing on a crystal clear day with four trained observers,’ Fravor said.”

“Fridman called Fravor ‘one of the most credible witnesses’ in the history of UFO research.”

Colin Drury, for the on-line British newspaper, “The Independent,” reported that, “[Navy pilot] Chad Underwood [who flew with Commander Fravor] broke 15 years of silence on the subject, describing the object he recorded over the Pacific Ocean as ‘not behaving within the normal laws of physics.’”

“He said: ‘It was going from like 50,000 feet to 100 feet in like seconds, which is not possible.’”

‘“It was just behaving in ways that aren’t physically normal. That’s what caught my eye. Because, aircraft, whether they’re manned or unmanned, still have to obey the laws of physics. They have to have some source of lift, some source of propulsion. The tic-tac was not doing that.’”

Commander Fravor also described his alien encounter while on the Tucker Carlson show, on the Fox News channel.

According to Commander Fravor, he and another jet were on a training mission off the coast of southern California, when their training was cancelled and they were redirected to another area to check out something that had shown up on the ship’s, the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz’s, radar.  After arriving at the target location, “Both of us, both airplanes, see a disturbance in the water, and a white 40 foot long tic-tac shaped object was hovering above the water.”

“It was going forward, back, left and right.  There was no rotor wash, no wings, nothing.”

“As we go down it starts to mirror us and we’re getting a great look at it.”

I decide to go see what it is, and as I get within a half mile of it, it rapidly accelerates and disappears.”

You can view the interview yourself at the link below and decide if you feel he is a credible witness or not.

Either he saw an alien craft or he didn’t.  I don’t think a case of mistaken identity is an option here.

You decide.

I don’t know about you, but Commander Fravor seems totally believable to me.

To me, the only question is, why isn’t this bigger news?

So, if we can’t explain something the mainstream media just ignores it?

Purposefully ignoring a newsworthy story is called propaganda by omission, which MrEricksonRules followers are already aware of.

But, what is the mainstream media hoping to gain by not covering this story?

The truth is out there…, but we’re not going to find it if we don’t even look for it.


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The U.S. Navy UFO mystery just became even more of a mystery!

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aufo 3

According to Chris Ciaccia of Fox News, “The U.S. Navy’s acknowledgment that the 2004 videos of an encounter with a UFO were real has caused much consternation.  Now, a new report says two ‘unknown individuals’ told several Naval officers who witnessed the event, known as the USS Nimitz UFO incident, to delete evidence.”

Sounds like “Men in Black!”

aufo 9

“The report, published in Popular Mechanics, cites interviews with five Navy veterans who discussed what they experienced at the time while they were sailing on the USS Princeton on Nov. 14, 2004, off the coast of southern California.”

aufo 4

“One of the men, Gary Voorhis, said he was chatting with some of the radar techs on the USS Princeton when he heard them talking about ‘ghost tracks’ and ‘clutter’ on the radar system, a state-of-the-art Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC) and AEGIS [A name taken from ancient Greek mythology.  An ‘aegis’ was something that offered physical protection. In some stories, it was the thundercloud where Zeus kept the thunderbolts he used as weapons. In others, the aegis was a magical protective cloak made from the skin of the goat that had suckled Zeus as an infant.] Combat System.”

aufo 6

“The air control systems were taken down, recalibrated to clear out the supposed false alarms when the tracks got clearer, he said.”

‘“Once we finished all the recalibration and brought it back up, the tracks were actually sharper and clearer,’ Voorhis told the news outlet. ‘Sometimes they’d [the UFOs] be at an altitude of 80,000 or 60,000 feet. Other times they’d be around 30,000 feet, going like 100 knots [115mph]. Their radar cross sections didn’t match any known aircraft; they were 100 percent red [unidentified]. No squawk, no IFF (Identification Friend or Foe).’”

“Operations Specialist Senior Chief Kevin Day said in the documentary film, The Nimitz Encounters, that his job was to ‘man the radars and ID everything that flew in the skies.’”

“On or around Nov. 10, approximately 100 miles off the San Diego coast, Day noticed the strange ‘tracks’ on the radar.”

‘“The reason why I say they were weird [is] because they were appearing in groups of five to 10 at a time and they were pretty closely spaced to each other. And they were [at] 28,000 feet going a hundred knots tracking south,’ Day said in the documentary.”

“The Navy eventually sent out fighter jets to get a look at the object[s], with one succeeding in getting it [one] on video–the now-famous black-and-white tape that was released publicly in 2017. Along with that tape, there were two other video recordings from years later that were released publicly by the New York Times, Fox News has previously reported.”

aufo 1

aufo 2

“The videos in question, [are] known as ‘FLIR1,’ ‘Gimbal’ and ‘GoFast,’”

“The first video of the unidentified object was taken on Nov. 14, 2004, and shot by the F-18's gun camera. The second video was taken on Jan. 21, 2015, and shows another aerial vehicle with pilots commenting on how strange it is. The third video was also taken on Jan. 21, 2015, but it is unclear whether the third video was of the same object or a different one.”

aufo 5

“After the incident with the ‘Tic Tac’-shaped object that Voorhis said gave off ‘a kind of a phosphorus glow’ at night while darting around, two ‘unknown individuals’ took all of the data recordings.”

Did they hold up a silver thing, and ask you all to look at it as it gave off a big red flash?

aufo 11

‘“They were not on the ship earlier, and I didn’t see them come on. I’m not sure how they got there,’ said P.J. Hughes, who was miles away from the Princeton, and was unaware of the unidentified objects, in the interview.”

“Hughes added that he was told by his commanding officer to turn over the recently secured hard drives of the airborne early-warning aircraft, the E-2 Hawkeye.”

‘“We put them in the bags, he took them, then he and the two anonymous officers left,’ Hughes said.”

“On the Princeton, Voorhis described a similar situation.”

‘“These two guys show up on a helicopter, which wasn’t uncommon, but shortly after they arrived, maybe 20 minutes [later], I was told by my chain of command to turn over all the data recordings for the AEGIS system,’ Voorhis added in the interview with Popular Mechanics.”

“It may be convenient to blame ‘unknown individuals’ for the disappearance of the tapes, but Cmdr. David Fravor, one of the pilots who was able to get a close view of the object, said people accidentally erased and recorded over them.”

Uh huh.

‘“You know how it is when you go to and from cruise,’ Fravor said in a January interview on The Fighter Pilot Podcast. ‘Someone goes, “What are these? Hey, they look like blank 8mm tapes. We’ll just use them.”’”

Ya…, we know how it goes alright!

“Earlier this year, the Navy issued new classified guidelines on how to report such instances ‘in response to unknown, advanced aircraft flying into or near Navy strike groups or other sensitive military facilities and formations.’”

Uh, ya…, the “guidelines” make it clear that anyone involved should turn everything over to “The Men in Black” immediately and keep their mouths shut next time!

Mr. Erickson Rules will keep you posted if any other news surfaces regarding this whole UFO conundrum.


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