“Illegitimate” Joe Biden?

When over 70 million Americans feel you’re illegitimate, you are, by definition, illegitimate.

Is that how you want to be thought of, Joe?

Obviously, the answer, based on his actions so far, is that he doesn’t care what you think of him, as long as he gets to be president.

I believe most of those 70 million are like me and the people I know, who would have no problem with a President Biden, if we knew he had won the election fair and square.

We can stand to lose, but we can’t stand being cheated.

If President-elect Biden really wanted what was best for the country, and really wanted to an American hero…, he would say something along these lines:

“Dear fellow Americans,

I understand that many of you have concerns regarding the integrity of the recent presidential election.

I believe those concerns are unfounded, but in an effort to restore the faith in our election process and establish a sense of unity amongst the American people, I promise to establish a commission on day one of my presidency, that will look into any possible election fraud, or a disregard for election laws, that may have occurred during the 2020 election.

If it is determined that there were enough issues and irregularities to put my winning of the election in doubt, I will insist that steps be taken to cure these issues, up to and including a possible re-vote in those states in question.  

I am proud to represent all of the American people as your president, but I do not want this dark cloud hanging over my presidency either, nor the future elections in 2022 and 2024.

It is my hope that this action will help to restore faith in myself and in our government.

May God continue to bless us all and continue to bless the United States of America.

Thank you.”

If President-elect Biden were to do this, I believe he would earn the respect of a vast majority of the American people, and establish himself immediately as one of our greatest presidents.

What do you think?

I’d really love to hear everyone’s opinion on this.

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4 thoughts on ““Illegitimate” Joe Biden?

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  1. Yes, if there was any shred of integrity left Joe would look into voter fraud. Instead we see the opposite, a rush to shut down dissent and consolidate the ‘victory’. The speed with which this is occurring, and the vitriol directed at any who dare question it only serves to reinforce those who believe the election was stolen. I must say though, even IF Biden was to allow a thorough nonpartisan investigation, and even IF that investigation was to find no evidence of malfeasance, Slo Joe has no chance of presidential greatness. He’s a corrupt hack and plagiarist and this is well known.

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  2. Follow the math . . . President Trump received over 80 million legal votes (historic record). At least six million of those votes were switched to biden (Dominion, Smartmatic) or thrown out (two million here in Maricopa county alone). Beijing biden received 44 million legal votes and 36 million illegal; fabricated, multi-counted, switched/weighted, or provided by non-registered, deceased, juvenile, out-of-state or criminal/illegal alien. Near half the legal biden voters acknowledge significant election fraud. Fact: Targeted 2020 election fraud affected 17 states, not just six. Bottom line: 102 million of 124 million legal registered American voters (82%) believe Joke biden/Kommie harris administration is illegitimate.

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