WE MUST STOP BERNIE NOW! (Said the old establishment democrats.)

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Why would Mayor Pete and Amy Klobuchar end their presidential campaigns ONE DAY BEFORE Super Tuesday?

Why would Mayor Pete and Amy Klobuchar end their presidential campaigns one day before over a third of all democrat delegates were up for grabs?

Why would Mayor Pete and Amy Klobuchar end their presidential campaigns after a year of campaigning…, after a year of spending millions of dollars…, after a year of giving endless speeches…, one day before over a third of all democrat primary delegates are decided?

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And why would they suddenly endorse Sleepy Joe Biden?

Someone must have made it extremely worth their while.

The question is…, who would stand to benefit the most from them dropping out one day before the primaries on Super Tuesday?

Who needs to make a good, or better, showing on Super Tuesday…, Biden, Bernie or Bloomberg?

I believe the answer to that question would be “creepy and confused” Joe Biden.

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Now…, who was in a position to make their drop-outs happen?

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I don’t believe Bernie needs their help in the first place, so I’m ruling him out.

Bloomberg can afford to do anything he wants, and he probably stands to pick-up the most votes in this scenario as well.

The democrat establishment behind Biden wields a lot of money power and a lot of political positional power.

In the final analysis, it’s my belief that it was the anti-Bernie establishment democrats who were responsible for Mayor Pete and Amy Klobuchar bowing out the day before Super Tuesday.

“Creepy and confused” Joe Biden and Mini-Mike Bloomberg will both benefit because of this, although Mayor Pete and Amy Klobuchar specifically endorsed Joe Biden, which tipped the hands of the establishment democrats.

The establishment democrats, however, are in the unenviable position of trying to rally behind “gaffemaster” Joe.

No sooner had Sleepy Joe received the hurried endorsements of Mayor Pete, Amy Klobuchar and Beto O’Rourke, during his campaign rally speech in Houston, TX Monday, Creepy Joe ended up declaring his stupidity rather recalling the Declaration of Independence.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident…, all men and women created by the, you know…, you know, the thing,” he said.

Then, in the same speech, Creepy Joe referred to Super Tuesday as Super Thursday!

“Look, tomorrow’s Super Thurs…, Tuesday,” he said, as members of the audience laughed and shook their heads. “I’ll tell you what, I’m rushing ahead, aren’t I?” he then said.

No, Creepy and confused” Joe…, you’re just a hot mess, and all of those people can’t believe who they’re left to vote for!

Of course, the liberal propaganda, fake news media co-conspirators, has chosen to spin Biden’s gaffes into something less concerning.

Dana Milbank of The Washington Post says, “Joe Biden isn’t just a gaffe machine.  He’s the Lamborghini of gaffes.”

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He continues by saying, “Some say it’s unfair to draw attention to Biden when President Trump is the most mendacious [that’s “lying” to all of us uneducated deplorables] politician ever.  I disagree: Biden’s gaffes are to be celebrated, for they make him exciting. When he opens his mouth, nobody knows what is going to come out — least of all Biden.”

Did you get that?

“Biden’s gaffes are to be celebrated.”

And “President Trump is the most [lying] politician ever.”

It’s funny how that works, isn’t it?

Mr. Milbank was also very sure Donald Trump would not become President back in 2016.

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How did eating that article taste, anyway?


I’m sure he never ate it, just like the other windbags never left the country.

The democrats can spin it any way they want, but the bottom line remains…, their choices come down to a commie, a confused creeper and a pompous pretender.

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