Should voting be adjusted to reflect who pays the bills?

I realize we have lived by the mantra, “one person, one vote,” for a long time, but, is it really fair that each person’s vote counts the same?

Before you go getting all defensive and righteous, please consider the case I am about to make.

First of all, who could vote, how we vote, and how the votes are counted, has changed numerous times in our country’s history, sometimes for the better, and sometimes for the worse. The voting process is not written in stone, and fundamental changes are not unprecedented.  

Should everyone’s vote count the same? Well, if you owned the majority of stock in a company, would you allow others who have not invested anything, or very little, into the company to make decisions about it? That answer would be, NO.

Should people who have no, or at least very little, “skin in the game” be allowed to direct how the game is played? Well, to a certain extent, yes, but generally NO. A large number of minor contributors could still override the larger contributors, however.  

Should everyone, every adult American citizen that is, get one vote? That answer would still be, YES.

But, should all votes count the same?

Why shouldn’t the people that are paying more of the bills have more of a say?

Our country is at a tipping point.

When the “takers” outnumber the “givers,” this quickly becomes a death spiral for the country, and paves the way for a more socialist way of life.

Did you know that in the first presidential election of 1789, only land owners were allowed to vote?

What are your thoughts about this whole subject now?

Consider this…, California is in the process of charging for electrical power use based on the customers’ level of income. The more income you have, the more you’ll pay for the same electrical usage. Is there any doubt this is going to happen? Is there any doubt that this type of graduated payment system is going to spread throughout the country, and into different types of payments for a wide range of goods and services? That answer would be, NO. NO DOUBT.

So, how would this new, fairer, voting process work?

This is my initial proposal:

Each voter would be given credit for paying $500 in federal taxes, as a baseline.

Each voter would then be given credit for all federal income taxes paid the prior tax year, in addition to the initial $500 credit. This total taxes paid amount would then be adjusted by any additional taxes paid or tax refunds received via that year’s tax return, to arrive at a total voter credit amount. Note: opting to pay additional federal taxes during a voting year, would of course, still be allowed, but this additional taxes paid amount would not increase the voter credit amount. Only taxes paid towards required taxes to be paid would count.

At the time of the election, each voters’ voting credit amount would be tabulated and credited to whichever person or question they decide to vote for.

In the end, the candidates with the larger tax dollars paid totals would win the election.

Please remember, this voting credit is not based on wealth, it’s based on the amount of federal tax paid.

We are always told that “rich” people pay less taxes than school teachers, their secretaries, etc. Well, if that really is the case, then the vote will be well represented under this new scenario.

Personally, I would definitely not be considered “rich,” nor do I pay an exorbitant amount of tax, relatively speaking, so this “voting credit” proposal would not particularly benefit me, but I can still acknowledge the basic fairness of it.

This proposal will, of course, NEVER actually happen, but stranger things have happened!

159 million votes were tabulated in the 2020 election, when there were only 133 million registered voters!

An Uncle Fester knock-off was elected to the Senate from Pennsylvania!

Drag queens are now allowed to perform X-rated shows for young children, and concerned parents are the ones targeted as domestic terrorists by the DOJ/FBI!

Roe v. Wade was actually overturned by The Supreme Court!

And…, well, you get the idea.  

Stay thirsty my friends, and let me know what YOU think of this revolutionary idea.

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Thank you, MrEricksonRules.


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